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At Roots Landscaping in Bridgeport, NY our team of highly professional installers and consultants takes a great deal of pride in our award-winning presence in the marketplace.  We provide only the highest quality fencing products and services. From new fence installs to a variety of repair services, our team covers it all. We are dedicated to helping our clients to enhance their residential or business property with the installation of attractive fences of all types.  We have been recognized for our vast number of fencing projects we have completed here in Bridgeport, and continue to move forward every day with our commitment to serve our clients with outstanding fencing products and installations.

Our Bridgeport CT Fence Installation & Repair Solutions:

When determining the appropriate fence for your home or business, it is important to give focus to its primary use.  Whether you are purchasing a fence for privacy, noise reduction, security purposes or a safety precaution for children, employees, and/or pets, the team here at Roots Landscaping has you covered.  We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives and the properties of all our clients which is why we encourage all our clients to schedule a consultation with our team beforehand in our efforts to gather information needed to assist with your ultimate purchase decision.    

Our top fence partners provide exceptional, high-quality fences.  We provide only state of the art, high-quality fences and effective installations, which has served to earn us a spot at the top of the marketplace charts.  

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New Fence Installation in Bridgeport, CT

You need your fences installed by professionals at Roots Landscaping in order to deal with the many unexpected elements that can be hard to work around. It’s important that you work through our whole process as you get a fence through us. We will consult you about the type of fence that you want for your land, measure the entire area around you, analyze the terrain and ensure that your fence is installed properly. The cost will differ depending on the height, material and length of the fence.

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We encourage you to have a look at our fencing products, project photos, brochures, technical specifications, and other general product information:

Illusions Vinyl FenceIllusions Vinyl Railing SystemEastern Wood FenceSystem21 Color Chain Link Fence

Fence Repairs of Bridgeport

If your current fence is in need of repairs, our skilled technicians and installers are equipped to handle repairs of all types.  In addition to our industry recognition for the installation of new fences, we enjoy a high visibility in the marketplace for our innovative, top of the line repair services and techniques as well. Whatever your repair needs may be, remember we are the team for you.  At Roots Landscaping we are equipped with the latest technologies and software, in addition to state of the art, effective repair procedures. Following our complete analysis and assessment of your damage, our team will provide you with a full estimate for repairs needed and will strive to work within your budget and your timelines. 

Some of the repairs we can do include:

Rotting Wood

One of the most common fence problems is that of rotting wood which is typically caused by fungi and decomposition.  Our team of professionals is focused on getting to the ‘root’ of your problem and in doing so will determine an appropriate course of action.  The typical protocol is to chemically treat the wood, and then either patch it, repair it, or stain it. The repair method we choose is primarily dependent upon the severity of the damage and the type of fence.  We find often that replacement of the fence is the better approach rather than a simplified repair option. Despite the extent of damage and the repair or replacement needs of your fence, the friendly team here at Roots Landscaping in Bridgeport have definitely got you covered.

If shifting poles are the cause of your fence damage, then replacement is the typical and often the best solution.  Replacing the poles instead of attempting to repair them, will avoid further deterioration and the collapse of all or part of your fence.  Once replaced, new poles help to renew the stability, durability, and both the structure and strength of your fence.

Holes & Cracks

Whether you have a wood, vinyl, or chain fence, among other materials, it will be a different process to repair holes and cracks. To keep your fence in the best shape and prevent greater damage, you need to patch its holes and fix its cracks. 

Missing Boards & Collapsed Sections

Yet another very common problem with fences is missing boards.  Depending upon the type of fence you have installed and specifically its measurements, repair procedures may vary.  Whatever type of fence you have, however, when boards are missing it is critical to the overall structure of the fence to have them replaced immediately in order to maintain the integrity of the fence.  Here at Roots Landscaping you are our #1 priority and surely the integrity and overall aesthetic appearance of your fence are our primary concern.

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