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Roots Landscaping has proudly been serving the people of the Greater Danbury area for nearly 20 years. Our services have helped people in Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel, and several other parts of western Connecticut.

When Roots Landscaping began, the goal was always to provide people with the highest quality of service and enduring fences. We strive to give all of our customers and clients prime landscape services that not only protect your property, but help create a positive appearance and atmosphere.

We seek to not only help residential properties and offer fencing services for commercial properties and businesses. We help plan, build, and maintain fencing with enduring services and techniques. Fencing can be a large investment for any company, and that is why we guarantee unbeatable fencing services.

Your company is unique, and we offer a variety of commercial fencing options that match what you are looking for. Roots Landscaping is the trusted and reliable fencing company for the area of Greater Danbury, CT.

Commercial Fencing Options:

We offer a wide variety of fencing options for your Danbury, CT commercial property. Each piece of property is unique and we want to help you find the best kind of fencing that fits with your image. We work with you to determine what fencing option is best, providing accurate details on the different options. This includes certain materials, pricing, installation process, and time needed.

  • Wood Fencing
  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Gate Options
  • And More

If you have any questions about our commercial fencing options or would like a quote for your property, call us today: (203) 304 – 7326

Commercial Fencing Process

We work out hardest to provide everyone with the best quality fencing services, no matter the landscape. The process for commercial fencing, though, greatly depends on the piece of property. Naturally, larger areas require more time for completion and smaller areas can be done quicker. Certain topography also requires additional time and evaluation. No matter your property, we always give you the best service.

The commercial fencing process begins with an evaluation and full measurement of the property selection. We observe any obstacles and prepare our fencing to work around it. Occasionally, we run into unplanned for obstacles, such as underground piping. With Roots Landscape, this is no concern for your commercial fencing.

We always come prepared to maneuver around the obstacle and complete your Danbury project. Our commercial fencing installations are built to last.

Illusions Vinyl Fence, Grand Illusions Color Spectrum Color Vinyl Fence Products, Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond Woodgrain Vinyl Fence Products, Illusions Vinyl Railing System, Eastern Ornamental Aluminum Fence Products, Eastern White Cedar Brand Wood Fence Products, and System21 Chain Link Fence Products.

Please Check Out the Product Websites for Photos, Brochures, Tech Specs, and General Product Information:

Illusions Vinyl FenceIllusions Vinyl Railing SystemEastern Wood FenceSystem21 Color Chain Link Fence

Commercial Fencing Repairs

Sometimes accidents or unplanned mishaps occur with fencing. This is not uncommon and can easily be cared for. Rather than paying to have an entirely new fence installed or even replacing large sections of fencing for your commercial property, Roots Landscaping offers commercial fencing repairs. We work with previously built structures and fencing, providing service that causes no risk or damage to your Danbury commercial property. Repairs can sometimes be as unique as the fencing itself.

Our commercial fencing repairs covers a variety of needs and materials. If you are uncertain about certain procedures, for installations or repairs, we also offer on-site consultation. We work the people of the Greater Danbury region 100% of the time. We understand how important commercial fencing is to you, and we treat your property as if it were our own.

Our repair services include:

    • Rotting Wood
    • Pole Replacements
    • Holes and Cracks
    • Missing or Collapsed Fencing Sections
    • And More

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Roots Landscaping is Danbury’s top-rated fence contractors. With our wide selection of fencing materials for your commercial property—wood, chain link, aluminum, and more—we are ready and able to meet the needs of your Danbury company. No matter the size of the project or property, we provide excellent service that leaves you satisfied.

Our pricing is reasonable and based on every installation, that way you are never paying more than necessary. We work with your budget to provide the best and most applicable fencing available. To get a quote today, contact us!

Roots Landscaping proudly serves all people in the Greater Danbury, CT area. Our goal is to give our customers superior service and beautiful landscaping. With our fencing installations, your commercial property will go up in value while also providing security and privacy.

Learn more about our additional landscaping services, such as masonry and landscape care, to give your commercial property that perfect look. You may also call us today at 203-702-4408.

Roots Landscaping: the trusted landscaping service for Danbury and westerner Connecticut since 2000!

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