Would you like to revamp your yard without paying a professional landscaper? There are many creative DIY landscaping ideas out there that are also within your budget. 

A little attention to the patio area, or a whole outdoor concept you’d like to start, can be accomplished with a little ingenuity. 

Read on for some easy and cheap backyard landscaping ideas to help you transform your home into an oasis and, at the same time, not wreck your budget.

Cheap Landscaping With Vegetable Plants

Vegetable PlantsA great way to stay within your budget when doing backyard landscaping is to grow vegetables. Inexpensive vegetables such as spinach, beans, and cabbage can easily be grown in flower pots. They will make your lawn look organic, and this won’t cost you much money.

You could also grow edible flowers or herbs for decoration or cooking. To get started, you could purchase small vegetable plant starters at any local nursery. 


Then just follow these easy steps: 

  1. Choose which type of vegetable you would like to grow.
  2. Buy small plant starters.
  3. Find a sunny spot.
  4. Water daily.
  5. Enjoy fresh veggies all summer long!

Stunning Bloom Boxes on a Budget

One of our favorite cheap backyard landscaping ideas is to use discarded wood. If you’re interested in a concrete walkway or pathway, or driveway pavement, consider using cement blocks cut in half for your design. The total cost will surprise you… in a good way.

For raised beds, use four-by-fours and two-by-eights or lumber from old pallets to create garden beds that are sturdy enough to hold even heavy plants. 

Plant your favorite flowers and shrubs in these boxes to add color and beauty to your backyard! We love how they can be arranged however you like, depending on your space. You can also paint them if you wish.

There are so many possibilities with wooden boxes; we hope you enjoy trying out some of these landscaping ideas.

Wildlife Friendly Landscaping

Be friendly to animals. That’s the only rule! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing wildlife up close and personal.

Put a Waterhole

For a great backyard landscaping idea, create a waterhole for your local wildlife. Inviting wildlife to your garden is surely a fantastic way to feel like you have a vacation every day in your own backyard!

It’s also a chance to listen to birds sing as they enjoy your landscape. It is definitely a great way to relax after a long day at work. 

For this landscaping idea, if you have an old basin lying around your house that you want to get rid of, consider turning it into a birdbath to save on your budget. Start by placing a small rock or pebble in an empty basin. 

Add water, then add more rocks until you reach about half total. Use something like fabric to line the base, which will help keep it clean.

You may also consult your local pool contractor if you’re looking to build a bigger and more aesthetic waterhole. It really depends on the size of your backyard.

Add a DIY Bird Feeder

BirdfeederMake a DIY bird feeder enhance your backyard wildlife attraction without blowing your budget. This DIY bird feeder is great at attracting birds and looks attractive in any garden or yard setting. It will also provide hours of fun watching birds scavenge for seeds and nuts you have left out for them.   

The classic tin can turned into a DIY bird feeder is one of my all-time favorite cheap gardening landscape ideas. 

A cute red or blue design makes for a fun touch in your yard. Plus, it’s easy to make, only taking about an hour! All you need is a drill, some paint, and seed.  

To get started making a bird feeder on a budget, you will need to clean out any remaining food from inside each can, then place them upside down on newspaper, so they are ready when it comes time to spray paint them.

Next, use a spray primer if desired, then follow up with two coats of outdoor latex paint—one coat will do, but two will give better coverage. Let dry completely before filling with birdseed. 

Now hang up in your backyard and enjoy watching birds flock to your new feeders! 

Wooden Fence

Knowing how to put up a fence can be a cheap landscaping idea. The cost of wood fencing is generally much higher than other materials, but there are still ways to do it within your budget. 

First, opt for pressure-treated wood over cedar or redwood—it’s cheaper and will last just as long. 

Second, use fencing that’s already on hand or purchase it from someone who’s upgrading their own fence; you can often find great deals on used fencing at building supply stores.  By checking out local stores for deals, you can lower the cost of your yard project.

Adding Mulch Beds for Some StyleMulch Bed

Make use of cheaper materials when landscaping to save your budget. You can use mulch, for example, to add color and texture to your garden while keeping plants warm during winter. For a more sophisticated look, place decorative stones around the plants. 

Mulch beds are an inexpensive way to spruce up your garden. This simple project will only cost around $20.00.

Mulch offers other benefits, too, such as:

  1. It helps retain moisture in dry soil.
  2. It keeps weeds from growing.
  3. It insulates plants against extreme temperatures.
  4. For these reasons, landscapers recommend at least one layer of 2-3 inches of mulch over any plant bed.

The best part about creating a mulch bed for your garden is that it takes just minutes—all you need is some dirt and some free time! 

Building Your Mulch Bed 

First, dig out an area in your garden. It should be at least two feet wide and three feet long. 

Then, fill your hole with topsoil. Next, place two inches of compost on top of your soil layer. 

Finally, add a layer of decorative stones around your plants (you can also use pebbles). And voila! You have yourself a beautiful new garden bed.

Cheap Landscaping With Dramatic Elements

One cheap way to landscape is to use rocks. Instead of buying expensive grass or plants, try using crushed or garden rocks. Rocks are cheap, easy to find, and can be used in a variety of ways. 

They can be placed as a border around your yard, like stepping stones in your garden, or even on top of other types of ground coverings such as mulch. Add drama by mixing different sizes and colors of rocks.

Budget Garden Accents 

If you want something with more texture, consider adding river rocks or pebbles to your garden landscape. River rock is large and smooth, while pebbles are small with sharp edges. Both look great in any type of landscaping project design. 

For example, you could place river rock down first for a base, then add pebbles on top for an interesting contrast for your stepping stones. A good tip when choosing rocks is to go to your local stone yard or quarry, where they will have lots of varieties available at cheap prices. 

The best part about using rocks for your landscaping project is that they last forever! There is no need to replace them every year, which will cost less money, unlike grass or flowers.

Add a cinder block or a couple of them and use them on your flower bed for effect!

Decorative Outdoor String Lights

Designers love using outdoor string lights to design a garden because it’s an easy way to add a unique touch of glamor. Whether your house is dark at night or you want to add extra drama on special occasions, outdoor lighting is a great way to create ambiance in your yard. 

When creating a landscaping project plan for your backyard, consider how you’d like to use outdoor lighting as part of your design. There are a variety of shapes and colors available, so think about what would look best with your home and garden. 

Have you got a large tree next to your patio area that provides shade during hot summer days? Why not try installing some light fixtures that hang from its branches?

Lighting at a Reduced Cost 

You can also purchase solar-powered lights that don’t require any wiring or outlets—just place them around your lawn, and they will turn on automatically when it gets dark!  

If you have a walkway leading up to your front door, try hanging colorful lanterns above it. You do not need a lot of money to start with outdoor lighting; there are many ways to incorporate decor into your landscape without breaking the bank. 

Refurbish Old Furniture

Reusing old lawn furniture is an easy way to dress up your garden for outdoor seating arrangements and reduce the cost of your renovation project.

 If you have a few pieces of furniture that could use a facelift, here are a few ways to turn them into stunning showpieces for your outdoor living area.  

You can transform those outdated items into an amazing new look for your outdoor space. For example, if you have some old wooden chairs that just need a paint job or two, take off all of their cushions and sand down any rough edges before painting. 

Using light colors will make it easier to find places where there’s still dirt or grime after sanding. 

Next, prime it with a wood-specific primer (not regular primer), let it dry completely, then give it two coats of exterior paint in whatever color you like! 

Shade and Flair with Patio Umbrellas

Add elegance and comfort to your patio area with a patio umbrella. Patio umbrellas are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to match any outdoor décor. 

Umbrellas are also easy to move around when entertaining or if you need shade in multiple areas of your flower beds. To use an umbrella as decor, simply place it on a table next to your patio furniture for added style. 

Cheapest Way to Make a Statement

Try adding shrubs and other plants to your yard to create visual interest without spending much money. Plants can help hide unsightly items like air conditioning units and be used to divide different areas of your yard into zones. 

For extra appeal, hang string lights from it for an evening gathering. You can even purchase special lighting kits that attach to most umbrellas.

Revamp a Smaller Patio

Throw in some funky shrubs for an interesting contrast and add a few patio tables and chairs, and you’ve got yourself a garden space to enjoy with friends. If you’re not into patio furniture, try adding a few pillows or blankets to your lawn chairs.

Do you have some old pots lying around? Place them on top of bricks or cement blocks for extra height and a unique look.

Use Artificial Turf

Turf is great to have especially if you have pets, kids, or just don’t want to worry about your lawn getting ruined.  You can purchase lawn products at a lower cost by waiting for online deals before you purchase them. 

Refresh Front Yard Borders in Style

Enhance your front yard borders with asphalt paving, planting rocks and other natural decorations. Find deals on garden ornaments at home improvement stores and flea markets to cut the cost of landscaping. 

The key to a beautiful lawn is to ensure that your borders are not left bare. Add in some colorful flowers and evergreen shrubs to your flower beds to create a lush look. 

If your porch area is limited, place a few potted plants with flowers around your porch area. This will help brighten up any dull areas of your property and brighten up those gray days at no extra cost. 

Vertical Gardening

Do you love gardening but lack space? No problem, go for vertical gardening. 

Vertical gardening is one solution to this problem. All you need is a couple of panels, plants, soil (with a layer for drainage), and some simple hangers. If you have vinyl sidings, create a living wall vertical garden by installing a wood frame and using galvanized boxes for your plants.

You can use these with several different types of greenery: ivy, cucumbers, beans, and even herbs! Vertical gardens don’t take up much space in your backyard but can be just as effective as ground-level gardens. 

Just like any other type of garden, make sure to keep it watered regularly to maintain its beauty. 

Here are some DIY vertical garden ideas:

Plastic Bottles

Use plastic bottles to create a vertical garden. It’s an easy way to add greenery to your home without much effort. All you need is some string, a drill, some empty water or soda bottles, plant soil, and plants. 

Drill holes in each bottle at different heights; fill them with soil; then hang them from a string between two sturdy poles.

This is probably the most cost-effective material you can get. Actually, it wouldn’t cost a thing if you just asked your neighbors for plastic bottles they plan to throw away anyway.

Garden Trellis For Vines

An old ladder can become a garden trellis and reduce the cost of adding height to your space. Use it to support climbing vines, like cucumbers or beans, or to create an arbor for shade-loving plants.

To ensure that your trellis stays secure in place, attach it to a wooden board with screws before attaching it to your fence or wall. You could also use pretty climbing roses as part of your design. 

Old Paint Cans as Planters 

The cheapest way to grow vegetables and ornaments that do not cost much is to plant them in old paint cans. Simply remove any leftover paint from the inside of them, wash them out thoroughly, then fill them with potting soil. 

Plant your favorite flowers or herbs in each one, then place them around your garden. If you want to get really creative, try painting or decorating each one differently! 

Outdoor Fire Pit as Decorative Feature

Outdoor fire pits make a great focal point. A unique centerpiece for your patio or backyard, fire pits are also great for adding warmth on chilly nights. 

You can create your own backyard campfire station in just a few minutes with one trip to the home improvement store. Check out these affordable ideas to make your own fire pit.

Lava Rocks Fire Pit

Lava rocks can be used to build a cost-effective fire pit. These rugged and durable stones are perfect for chimineas and fire pits because they are easy to handle, stack and store. 

To set up your DIY lava rocks fire pit, simply create a circle on your patio with these large stones and fill in any gaps with smaller ones. Then, place wood inside and light it up! Just be ready with the cost of these bad boys.

Repurpose Your Old Washer Drum

You can use an old washer drum filled with sand and rocks to make a safe outdoor fire pit. 

The design is simple: just take a washer drum and fill it up with rocks and sand to make sure that it does not burn down your garden. Cover your drum with metal sheets, and it is ready for use. 

Enjoy a nice fire in your backyard or terrace on cool evenings. You may also want to add some benches around it so you can sit around while enjoying the warmth of a crackling bonfire.

Reuse an Old Tire and Save Money

Old tires are perfect when trying to create an attractive centerpiece that won’t break your wallet.

It takes a bit of time and patience, but a repurposed tire can make a great planter—all you need is some dirt and plants! 

This Is How You Do It

Here’s how you can use an old tire as planters:

  1. First, remove any bolts holding it together.
  2. Turn it upside down.
  3. Cover with soil (if desired).
  4. Plant seeds or seedlings.

Go Further

To add a decorative touch, put tires of varying sizes in front of a fence or wall. You could also stack two tires on top of each other for even more visual impact. 

Plant a Tree 

There is no better way to add style and beauty to your yard than by planting a tree. Trees can add shade, act as a windbreak, and improve air quality. They also have a long lifespan, meaning you’ll enjoy their benefits for years to come. 

If you’re looking for an affordable landscaping upgrade that will last, it’s hard to beat trees. You can plant one in your yard today—and enjoy its benefits for years!  

Here are some of our favorite cheap trees: Weeping Willow, Goldenraintree, and Black Olive Tree. (Be sure to check with your local nursery about which species of trees grow best in your area.)

Breathe Life to Your Ideas

Cheap landscaping ideas can be just as beautiful as expensive ones. It’s all about creative use of space and smart purchases. 

From repurposing old items into a new decor to finding inexpensive plants at your local nursery, you can upgrade your backyard without breaking your budget. These 20 landscaping ideas will help you save money and plan a gorgeous new outdoor space today!