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Fencing is an optimal way to add style and function to your property. Roots landscaping offers several different fencing options for you to choose from. Every business, home, and property has a different style, and we want to help maintain that style while providing you with quality fencing. Installing fencing can be a hassle, and that’s exactly why we take away that unneeded stress. Whatever fencing option you pick for your property, it can be quickly installed. We also provide maintenance direction and tips to keep your fence looking at its finest. Your projects are our priorities, and that’s why all of our services at Roots Landscaping are quick, safe, and reasonably priced.

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Why Steel Fencing? 

Steel fencing is a strong, powerful way to protect your property and provides you with long lasting quality. Steel fencing is an affordable option, and we make sure that all of our services fit within your budget. This fencing option can help protect your family, home, and business from any surrounding danger while also giving a pleasant aesthetic. It is easy to maintain, resulting in less worry and concern for you.


Types of Steel Fencing

Protection and durability are the primary functions of steel fences. They provide your personal household or business property with guaranteed safety and security. On top of that, steel fencing also comes in a variety of designs. Each piece of property is different, and we want to provide you with the best steel fencing option that suits your household. Our team of experts can not only help you identify the type and finish of steel fencing you would like, but also the design and aesthetic. We make sure your needs are met.

Variety of Materials 

We understand how unique your household and business property are, and we want to help you capitalize on that. That is why at Roots Landscaping, we provide a wide variety of fencing materials and styles to match whatever you are in search of. Our teams are experts at analyzing and assessing properties, helping you pick the perfect fencing style that best compliments your home. Deciding on which one can still be a difficult process, though, so we want to help you better understand your options.

Steel vs Wood

Steel fencing and wood fencing are incredibly different styles of fencing, but both choices are affordable. They both offer privacy and protection, but with different emphasis. Wood fencing is designed for a more visually pleasing, concealed appearance. It is viewed as classic and homely, and it offers great versatility. However, it is not as durable as steel fencing. It may have difficulty standing up to intense weather conditions and has more visible wear and tear.

Steel vs Vinyl

Steel fencing and vinyl fencing are also very different in styles, but are both designed for protection and security of your Danbury household or business. They are both sturdy and affordable, but give off drastically different aesthetics. Vinyl fencing is sturdy, much like steel, but it requires more maintenance and upkeep. Its design makes it susceptible to dirt, grime, and other unwanted buildup. Simple cleaning gets the job done.

Steel vs Chain Link

Steel and chain link fencing have several similarities, but also quite a few differences. Both of these fencing options provide your Danbury property with great protection and boundaries. Chain link fencing is noticeably less expensive than steel fencing, but that comes at a cost. It is not as durable as steel fencing. Steel fencing also has great versatility. There are several different designs, including gate options, you can choose from. These styles can match the feeling and approach of your property. Chain link fencing is typically harder to decorate and design.

Installing Your Steel Fence

Before beginning any installation, our expert fencing team will visit your property for an assessment. This helps us better understand your property and how we can help with installation. When are ready to begin installing, we first remove any dirt or debris and prepare the areas for the new posts. This preparation gives you the assurance that we won’t damage your property or your neighbor’s property. Everything we do is to provide you with high quality service and a positive experience.

Steel Fence Repair

Steel fences are known for their durability and strength to withstand. However, accidents do occur. If there is ever any damage to your steel fence, whether from a vehicular accident, natural cause, or some other malfunction, give us a call immediately. We can help get it fixed. We proudly serve all people and businesses in the Greater Danbury, CT area, happily repairing any damaged fences. We use the highest-grade of available tools to guarantee you quality service. Our team of professionals can repair, replace, and fix any rail, post, or wire ties. This gives you the confidence of a secure home. For a free estimate, contact us today!

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Send us your project requirements. We would be happy to assist you!

Send us your project requirements. We would be happy to assist you!