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Wood fences are a very popular option and have been for many years. It is a great addition to any house. Since there are many options when it comes to building a fence, Roots Landscaping is here to help pick the right fence for you! Our experienced staff has an eye for what would look great surrounding your Greater Danbury property.

Why Wood Fencing?

Wood fences are a classic option for fencing. They are waterproof, easy to install and look great surrounding any house. Wood fences are easy to paint if you choose to do so. Wood fences are affordable compared to other types of fencing. Another reason wood is great is it is easy to modify. You can cut and step the fence into almost any design.


Styles of Wood Fences

The versatility of wood goes very far. We at Roots landscaping can give you many options to choose from that can fit the needs of your Danbury home. The styles we offer are:

  • Cypress
  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • Cedar
  • Redwood

We are confident that we can find a fence that’s right for you!

Variety of Materials

At Roots Landscaping we offer a wide variety of fencing options for your Greater Danbury household. You might be thinking that Wood fencing is the option for you or you might be leaning towards a Vinyl fence. Let’s explore the pros and cons of all of our options

Wood vs Vinyl

The pros of Wood fencing are that it is affordable, easy to install, versatile, and has a great natural look to it. The cons of wood are that it does require seasonal upkeep like staining and painting. It also falls under pressure to extreme weather conditions. The pros of Vinyl are that it won’t damage as easily as wood, it never needs to be repainted, and is very durable. The cons of Vinyl are its price, and it expands and contracts in extreme weather conditions.

Wood vs Iron

Iron fences are beautiful and can definitely keep your home protected. They come in a variety of great designs but cannot be modified much out of the way they are made. They can’t be painted or modified from their original design. Wood will not offer you the strength of an iron fence but it won’t cost as much and can be easily replaced and changed if need be.

Wood vs Chainlink

While both options are affordable, these are very different kinds of fences. Wood fences will give your home the privacy you want as well as a more pleasing aesthetic to your Greater Danbury home. Wood fences are not as durable as a chain link fence but wood fencing has more versatility.

Wood Fence Installation

Installing your wood fence depends entirely on the layout of your home. We have all of the experience and tools necessary in order to properly install your wood fence. The preparation of our installation will not damage yours or your neighbor’s properties. Proper installation is key to the overall lifespan of your fence and we are trained to do just that!

Wood Fence Repair

Wood fence is vulnerable to nature’s influence such as sun, rain, wind, snow, or rot. Roots Landscaping fencing contractor provides residents of Greater Danbury, CT with wood fence repair services. Our highly-experienced team examines your wood fence and determine whether your fence needs to be repaired or replaced. We use only great quality tools to fix vertical posts, horizontal rails from post to post, and screening materials such as pickets or boards. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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