Georgetown, CT Fence Installation & Repair

Do you want a way to separate your yard from your neighbor’s yard in a stylish and upscale way? Let Roots Landscaping build a fence that’s perfect for you. Our team, with 17 years of experience, is dedicated to giving you the best fence for the best price.

Easton Fencing Options:

There are many reasons why you would need a fence; replacing an old or rotted fence, or perhaps you want to keep your pets in your yard without having them on a leash. Whatever the reason, Roots Landscaping is the right company for you, and we will help you choose the perfect fence for your property.

We have several options for you to choose from, and every one of our fences is made of high-quality materials. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the process so that you make the best purchase. For more information on our fencing products, click here.

New Fence Installation in Georgetown, CT

Our experts know what types of fences will work best for your yard, and will discuss with you the best possible choices. They will make an in-depth analysis of your yard, taking into account terrain and size. With these measurements, we can ensure your fence will be installed the proper way.

Illusions Vinyl Fence, Grand Illusions Color Spectrum Color Vinyl Fence Products, Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond Woodgrain Vinyl Fence Products, Illusions Vinyl Railing System, Eastern Ornamental Aluminum Fence Products, Eastern White Cedar Brand Wood Fence Products, and System21 Chain Link Fence Products.

Please Check Out the Product Websites for Photos, Brochures, Tech Specs, and General Product Information:

Illusions Vinyl FenceIllusions Vinyl Railing SystemEastern Wood FenceSystem21 Color Chain Link Fence

Fence Repairs of Georgetown

Is your fence rotting, old or just plain ugly? Roots Landscaping can help you repair or replace your old fence to something that fits your needs much better. We will walk you through every step of the decision and installation process, ensuring that your fence is perfect for all your needs.

Our repair services include:

Rotting Wood

It’s easy for fungus to grow on old, unmaintained fences; if this happens we can chemically treat, patch up, and stain/repaint the problem fence. Or, if you would prefer, we can replace it completely.

Over time, the fence poles can shift which causes the fence to fall and/or deteriorate. Roots Landscaping would gladly repair or replace any and all of your fence poles.

Holes & Cracks

The materials your fence is made from won’t matter when it comes to deterioration. Wood, chain, vinyl, or anything else, can still get holes and cracks. These holes and cracks can cause even more damage later on if they don’t get fixed right away.

Missing Boards & Collapsed Sections

If you notice anything wrong with your fence, holes, cracks, or especially, missing boards or collapsed sections, please call us immediately. Missing boards can cause your fence to collapse, and that will end up costing you more in the end!

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