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Need an experienced team of professional landscapers to install a fence for your Lakeside, CT residence or business? Look no further, because Roots Landscaping can meet all of your fencing needs. You may have seen us working on a project in the Lakeville area if you drive through town. We know fencing inside-and-out, and can handle any job big or small.

Our Lakeside CT Fence Installation & Repair Solutions:

Roots Landscaping is part of the American Fence Association, meaning that we are a team of dedicated professionals. We will help you choose the fence that you want and provide the pristine work you need.

There are many different fences for many different needs. For example, are you trying to maintain some privacy away from your nosy neighbors? Are there loud children who play on your street? Do you feel unsafe in your neighborhood? Whatever reason you may have, Lakeside residents and businesses can use Roots Landscaping to complete any fencing project.

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New Fence Installation in Lakeside, CT

Roots Landscaping is filled with professional fence installers, which is important to have because there are many things that can happen to a fence that you may not expect. Challenges arise that can be difficult or expensive to deal with. Roots Landscaping’s method involves consulting you on the best type of fence for what you need, fully measuring the area around you, analyzing the terrain of the land, and making sure you have a fence that will actually stay in the ground. The cost will depend on the height, material and length of the fence you get.

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We encourage you to have a look at our fencing products, project photos, brochures, technical specifications, and other general product information:

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Fence Repairs of Lakeside

Roots Landscaping will make sure you receive the best fence repairs possible. The staff at Roots Landscaping is professional, knowledgeable, and will help you properly care for your fence by fixing the root issue at hand.

Some of the repairs we can do include:

Rotting Wood

When fungus eats the wood, it often decomposes into rotting wood, one of the most common problems in fences. Treating the wood typically involves chemical treatment, then patching and repainting/staining the damaged wood. If there is nothing that can salvage the wood, it may require an entire board replacement. For your rotting wood needs in Lakeside, we can handle whatever you need.

Fence poles often naturally shift over time, and without being replaced they can damage a large majority of the fence through falling or deteriorating. If you want an easy way to maintain the longevity of the fence, repair and replace your fence poles in a timely fashion with Roots Landscaping.

Holes & Cracks

If you find a hole or crack in your fence, the repairing process will be different depending on whether your fence is made of vinyl, chain, wood, etc. To keep your fence in the best shape and prevent greater damage, we recommend that you fill cracks and patch any holes you may have through our services.

Missing Boards & Collapsed Sections

Another type of fence repair commonly seen is replacing missing boards. The repair process will depend upon the type of fence, length of board, and the fence’s height, which needs to be done in a fast and timely manner in order to prevent a total fence collapse. When a fence collapses, it is a much more costly endeavor which can cause even more financial stress in your repairing needs.

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Roots Landscaping your go-to fence contractor in Lakeside, CT provides top-rated fence installation and repairs in Lakeside, CT, as well as well-done masonry and landscaping services. If you want one of these services, feel unsure about what you need, who is part of our team, or want to learn more about our company and services in general, contact Roots Landscaping today or call us at 203-702-4408.

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