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If you want a lush, green lawn, it needs to be taken care of. Roots Landscaping offers seeding and mowing, including services for commercial properties, that will keep your lawn in top-notch shape. In addition, Roots Landscaping offers weekly and bi-weekly mowing schedules, as well as the ability to customize a schedule that is best suited for your property and your budget. The lawn care and mowing services we offer to residents and commercial property owners in the Greater Danbury Area are professional, reliable, and affordable.

Why Choose Us?

Roots landscaping has been serving the greater Danbury area for over 17 years. Roots Landscaping has been family owned and operated since our founding, and we have stayed in business because the superior service we provide for each of our clients. Our business has worked tirelessly to provide superior lawn care, while cultivating personal relationships with each of our clients. Our goal is to help you improve and maintain the quality of your lawn.Your yard should be taken care of so that you can enjoy it during all seasons. Give us a call today and set up an appointment!


Fall and Spring Cleanup

Homeowners might choose to reseed for a variety of reasons—whether to try a new type of grass, recover from a hot, dry summer, or to revive a lawn that has been long neglected. Roots Landscaping wants to take on that task.

Seeding is a multi-step process. Our lawn care experts begin by conducting a general assessment of the property to see if there are any obvious causes for the dead or dying lawn.

Next, our team takes soil samples and conducts a thorough soil analysis. This allows us to establish if the soil needs to be treated, in which case we treat the soil accordingly. Then our team uses the results of the soil analysis and treatment to establish which type of grass best suits your property. We will work with you to establish your needs and wants, and once this is set and you feel ready to proceed, we will seed your lawn.

Finally, Roots Landscaping will help you learn the best way to care for your rejuvenated lawn. We also offer affordable maintenance services in order to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant.


Sometimes simply mowing a lawn can completely change the look of a property. Unfortunately, keeping up with a mowing schedule can be tough for a busy homeowner, and the grass can grow out of control before you know it. Sometimes, a property is just too big to easily maintain on one’s own. Roots has a team of dedicated professionals who can work on your property in order to ensure it stays looking well kept and well maintained. Our team is fully insured, and experienced in handling any challenged your lawn may present!

From mowers to weed whackers, Roots Landscaping has excellent, reliable equipment at our disposal. We work hard to ensure that your property is tidied up in a timely way. We understand that the little things count, too, and so we’ve hired a team of lawn care experts that is efficient, thorough and detail oriented. By signing up for one of Roots Landscaping’s weekly, bi-weekly, or custom mowing schedules, you will be able to have more free time for yourself while keeping your property looking its best.

Commercial Lawn Care and Mowing in Greater Danbury

For Roots Landscaping, caring for commercial property is about providing reliable, top-notch service to and building long-term business relationships with our commercial clients in the Greater Danbury area. We help maintain and improve Danbury office parks, corporate campuses, retail spaces, multifamily living complexes, industrial parks, and a variety of other complexes. Roots Landscaping looks forward to developing a long-term relationship working with your Danbury business to manage and improve your outdoor facilities.

No matter the condition of your lawn, roots landscaping is here to help. No matter the condition of your lawn, our team can help bring your lawn back to health. Once repaired, our team can keep your lawn looking spectacular for years to come. Don’t delay, call us today!

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Roots Landscaping provides top-rated service and is accredited by the BBB standards. We pride ourselves on the personal relationship we cultivate with each of our clients. To learn more about how we can help you with your lawn care, or if you’d like to learn more about our Danbury company, services, team, and how we can help take your lawn care to the next level, contact Roots Landscaping today. You may also call us today at 203-304-7326.

Send us your project requirements. We would be happy to assist you!

Send us your project requirements. We would be happy to assist you!