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Everyone loves a good conversation by the fire. Here at Roots Landscaping, we can create beautiful fire pits and tables of all shapes and sizes for you and your family and friends to enjoy for years to come. After serving the community for almost 18 years, you can trust that your fire pit will be professionally done to make the most beautiful and functional artwork out of your fire pit.

Why Choose Roots Landscaping

Roots Landscaping has been proudly serving the greater Danbury area for almost 18 years. Our experience and professionalism is unmatched. Here at Roots Landscaping, we can guarantee that when you hire us, we will complete the job in a time efficient and professional manner. We are confident that whatever job you need done, we can complete it for you!

Types of Fire Pits we Build in Danbury

Custom Wood Fire Pit

Our Danbury Wood fire pits are the traditional choice for an outdoor fire pit. They are easy to install and maintain. There is no hookup to any gas or electricity, and can easily be cleaned with water or a brush. On top of that, firewood is fairly easy and inexpensive to obtain in our area. Here at Roots Landscaping, we can create an in-ground and above-ground fire pit to make the outside of your home more warm and inviting.

Custom Gas Fire Pit

Gas fire pits put a modern twist on traditional fire pits. They too are very convenient. After being hooked up to a gas or propane line, gas fire pits takes very little effort to prep. Simply turn it on, and instantly, a warm and cozy fire is at your disposal. This is beneficial in comparison to the wood fires because you do not have to worry about building a fire or wet wood. Gas fire pits take on an above ground structure and can be built in round, square, hexagon, and even octagon shapes that range from small to large. So no matter the size of your family, everyone can have a seat by the fire at your Danbury home.

Custom Built Gas Fire Table

Gas fire tables offer an eye-level experience for your guests. Like the gas fire pit, the tables offer instant warmth once the gas or propane line is turned on. There is no worry of having to build a fire or worry about the wood being dry. Also like the gas fire pit, the tables can range from sizes small enough for a couple, to a large family. We can build permanent, customized round, square, and rectangular shapes, at dinner table or bar height. Our gas pits and tables can be created with a stone, or tile finish. With Roots Landscaping of Danbury designing your fire pit, you can ensure your family and guests will want to enjoy the great outdoors with you for years to come.

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