Pool Deck Installation and Repair in Greater Danbury, CT

Roots Landscaping has had the pleasure to serve the Greater Danbury area for over 17 years. When it comes to our masonry experience, we offer nearly two decades of experience and expertise.

A pool deck can bring a great amount of style and character to your backyard. We offer a well-crafted and stylish design that will go hand in hand to match the design of your landscape and patio area. We offer our Connecticut customers a large number of options for pool decks to make sure that all needs are met and satisfaction is delivered. Our masonry experts carefully install our pool decks to ensure a perfect end result for all our clients. Call or continue online with us for a free quote on your Connecticut property.

Why Install a Pool Deck?

Pool Deck installations are a fun, fashionable way to create a great addition to any property in Connecticut. We offer a variety of materials, finishes, and styles to give you the luxury of a customizable deck to complement your pool. The material we use is very durable, so you won’t have to worry about the changing seasons affecting your deck.

Types of Pool Decks

Roots Landscaping is determined to give you a deck that expresses the beauty of your property. We also provide masonry work, in addition to the various styles and materials. From pools small to large, the promise that we give is the exceptional quality of the pool deck we install.


Stone is a common, classic way to bring life to your pool deck. Stone has been a way to bring aesthetics for centuries. You can now exemplify your passion for history while improving your property. You are able to select from several different colors of stone in order to help give customization to your installation.


Flagstone is a great option for more organic patio designs. The natural stone offers a variety of shapes to make your deck look like it’s a part of nature. This gives your deck a one of a kind feel and adds unique characteristics to your property. If this is a style you may be interested in, call today to learn more about flagstone.


Pavers are similar to flagstone but are manufactured so that you can customize the shape and size of each piece. This adds a little more choice when figuring out the style of the deck. Pavers are very reliable and Roots landscaping can provide a perfect fit for your home.

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