Sidewalk Installation & Repair

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From landscaping to fencing and everything in between, Roots Landscaping has proudly been providing the people of the Greater Danbury, CT area with satisfactory property services. In addition to these services, Roots Landscaping additionally offers expert masonry projects.

As you know, there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the Danbury area. Roots Landscaping is here to provide the community of Danbury with safe and durable sidewalks to not only get around the city but around your residential areas as well. We aim to serve all residents of the Danbury area with the utmost quality for a reasonable price. To learn more about our services please give us a call today!

Why Install a Sidewalk?

Sidewalks are great for mobility, health, and most importantly safety. If pedestrians are moving off of the street and onto sidewalks, that provides more space and flow for the traffic on the street, and also a less likely chance that walkers will be hit by automobiles. Many members of the Danbury community do not have a car, so this would not only provide a way for more to get their exercise but also provide safer access to public transportation. If you do not have a sidewalk, reach out to Roots Landscaping.

Types of Sidewalks

Every business and residence has its own design and you will need to think about that before deciding which type of sidewalk you want to choose for your space. If you are unsure about what styles, shapes, and colors would be right for your sidewalk, here are the main sidewalk options that Roots Landscaping offers.


Concrete is one of the most common materials used for sidewalks in the United States. The price can vary depending on the length of your sidewalk area. Concrete is long-lasting through tough conditions and can be poured in a timely manner so to not disrupt your entire day with the process. If you are looking for a classic and sleek look for your sidewalk, concrete is the choice for you.


If you are looking for a flat sidewalk like concrete but want to be able to rearrange pieces into different shapes and sizes, flagstone is the choice for you. Flagstone is primarily dark in appearance so be aware of that when deciding what will look best with your home or business. Flagstone is the most expensive material used for sidewalks but again that will depend on the extent of your project.


Looking to take a unique spin on your sidewalk for your Danbury home or business? Pavers come in many shapes, colors, and styles such as brick, cobblestone, and square. If a sleek and modern look is not your style, pavers over a timeless aesthetic that adds a warm and homey feel to any outdoor space. Although not as pricey as flagstone sidewalks, the prices can range depending on how big your layout is.

Sidewalk Repair

Concrete, flagstone, and pavers are all strong materials. Although strong materials, especially in harsh weather, any material can get cracked, damaged, or destroyed. Roots Landscaping not only provides quality installation of your sidewalks but also quality repairs of them as well. The safety of our Danbury residents is our top priority, so be sure to contact us to not let your sidewalks be unattended.

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