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The most important part of any project is understanding the client’s wants and needs. At Roots Landscaping, we have served the greater Danbury area for over 18 years and have given our clients impeccable service that can’t be beat.

Why Choose Roots Landscaping?

Our company specializes in many different areas of masonry, and are ready to help you with your varying needs. One specific area we are experienced in is Stone Driveways. We take the time to understand the vision you have for your driveway in order to create the perfect design that meets your budget. We are dedicated to communicating with you throughout all phases of the project to keep you engaged and informed as to each step that is taken in creating your perfect driveway.

The natural stone driveway that leads up to your home can bring curb appeal to an entirely new level. It will also create a great first impression to anyone seeing your home for the very first time because natural stone brings about a sense of elegance. 

Types of Stone Driveway

Dimensional Cut Stone for a Unique Look
A stone that is cut from a larger block of stone at a quarry can be cut with precise dimension and can have a variety of finishes applied to the surface. This process gives the architect the opportunity to create different patterns and looks. When using a dimensional cut stone for a stone driveway, key factors are the hardness and size of the stone. For a driveway, smaller sized paver is used to ensure that it can withstand the weight of vehicles.

Reclaimed Antique Cobblestone
The oldest and most classic type of natural stone driveway is the cobblestone driveway. Cobblestones have been used since the time of the Romans as a functional material to build driveways. Cobbles are one of the most beautiful natural stone for a driveway and is one of the most functional as well. Because cobbles are not perfectly square and can easily allow water to pass through them, cobblestones are the very first permeable paver.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete paver is growing more and more popular as a driveway material. However, although they are made in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, concrete pavers do not last forever while natural stone does. This is an important concept to keep in mind during the planning process. You can also use a paver sealer to make your driveway last long.  This product may seem functional at the beginning, but the product soon begins to degrade once it is exposed to things like sun, salt, rain and general wear and tear.

With a natural stone driveway, these problems do not exist. Natural stone lives forever once installed!

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