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Are you looking for a New Canaan Fencing Service? Look no further. Our team of professional at Roots Landscaping have completed a variety of fencing projects in New Canaan CT, and it continues to be one of our best markets year after year. Chances are if you regularly drive through the city, you’ve seen one of Roots Landscaping’s fencing projects in action! We are well-equipped to handle any job, big or small..

Our New Canaan CT Fence Installation & Repair Solutions:

There are many different types of fences to choose from when you are looking at fencing options. You’ll want to consider why you need the fence to start with. Maybe it is because your neighbors are close and you want privacy, or you have small children or large pets that need protection. Whatever reason you have for needing a fence, Roots Landscaping can help you choose the right one and then install it for you.

Our fencing partners are highly recognized in the industry and are committed to providing all of our clients with the highest quality fences at prices that are affordable and installation timelines that work within our clients’ schedules.  To learn more about our fencing products, services and our dedicated team of professionals,  visit here.

New Fence Installation in New Canaan, CT

We here at Roots Landscaping are proud of our state of the art products and services as well as our award-winning team of installers and consultants.  We are fully aware of the scope of your fence investment and want to ensure your experience is a pleasant one. With this in mind, our professionals are on hand to help with all your decision making and stand ready to provide whatever insight and assistance you need to make a truly informed decision.  At your consultation, we will go over all your questions, your specific needs, your budget, and your fencing options. Once we have determined the appropriate fence for your home or business, we will then conduct a full assessment of your property and an analysis of the terrain in our diligent efforts to set forth a design that is every bit as effective as it is affordable.

Our goal here at Roots Landscaping is simple – we want to provide the best possible experience for all our clients and will not settle for anything less than 100% customer satisfaction, each project, every project.

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We encourage you to have a look at our fencing products, project photos, brochures, technical specifications, and other general product information:

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Fence Repairs of New Canaan

If you already are a fence owner who is in need of repairs, no need to fret.  The dedicated team here at Roots Landscaping is not only knowledgeable but fully equipped to handle all types of fence repairs and are on hand to serve your every fencing need.  We are committed to providing all our valued clients with top of the line repairs at affordable prices and in timelines that are accommodating to their needs. Our expert team of professionals will inspect the damage, identify the problem and provide appropriate repairs as needed.  There is truly no fence repair project too big or too small for our dedicated team of specialists, so don’t delay in scheduling your repair services today.

Some of the repairs we can do include:

Rotting Wood

One of the most common problems that occur in fences is rotten boards caused from the fungus that eats away at the wood. The wood may need to be chemically treated, patched up, repainted or stained. If we see that the boards are too far gone to save, we can replace them for you.

Fence poles are crucial to a good fence as they provide the necessary stability needed for the fence to stay straight. However, they often shift over time, which can cause portions of the fence to deteriorate or become damaged when they fall. We can replace fence posts to avoid this issue or repair them if that is what they need.

Holes & Cracks

Over time, holes and cracks typically make their presence known.  Whether you have a wood, vinyl, or a chain fence, we are equipped to handle the repair of any holes or cracks that are present.  Depending upon the material of your fence, our repair procedures will vary. Remember, the longer cracks and holes are allowed to remain, the greater the ongoing damage to your fence.  With that said, reach out and schedule your repair service as soon as possible with the team here at Roots Landscaping.

Missing Boards & Collapsed Sections

Missing boards is another common type of fence repair. The type of fence, length of board and fence height will make the repair process different. It’s important to make sure that you fix the missing boards in a timely manner to prevent fence collapses, which can be a much costlier expense. Call Roots Landscaping today to learn more about how we can help you repair your fence!

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