Patterson, NY Fence Installation & Repair

At Roots Landscaping in Patterson, NY our team of highly professional installers and consultants takes a great deal of pride in our award-winning presence in the marketplace.  We provide only the highest quality fencing products and services. From new fence installs to a variety of repair services, our team covers it all. We are dedicated to helping our clients to enhance their residential or business property with the installation of attractive fences of all types.  We have been recognized for our vast number of fencing projects we have completed here in Patterson, and continue to move forward every day with our commitment to serve our clients with outstanding fencing products and installations.

Patterson Fencing Options:

When you set out to purchase your fence, surely you will have some decision-making to do.  From styles, sizes, and measurements to colors and materials, the decisions are many. But, no need to worry when you consult with our expert team who is on hand to answer all your questions and assist with all your decision making.  We want our clients to make informed decisions which is why we spend so much time during your consultation discussing your specific needs and working together to choose the perfect fence for your home or business. A member of the American Fence Association and BBB accredited, Roots Landscaping has been termed your ‘go to’ company here in Patterson for all your fencing needs, whether installs, repairs or consultations.    

When determining the appropriate fence for your home or business, it is important to give focus to its primary use.  Whether you are purchasing a fence for privacy, noise reduction, security purposes or a safety precaution for children, employees, and/or pets, the team here at Roots Landscaping has you covered.  We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives and the properties of all our clients which is why we encourage all our clients to schedule a consultation with our team beforehand in our efforts to gather information needed to assist with your ultimate purchase decision.         

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New Fence Installation in Patterson, NY

At Roots Landscaping we provide the only state of the art products and services to all our valued clients.  We know full well the importance of your investment and want to ensure that your purchasing experience is a delightful one.  With this as our initial focus, our team of expert technicians are available to answer questions, discuss concerns, review your budget and go over your specific residential or business needs.  Once a decision has been made as to what type, size and style of fence suits your needs, then our team will come out to your home or business and conduct a full assessment of the property along with an analysis of the terrain so as to gather information needed to create and design the perfect layout of your fence.   

Our goal here at Roots Landscaping is simple – to provide outstanding customer service along with superior products and fences that far exceed the expectations of all our valued clients.

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We encourage you to have a look at our fencing products, project photos, brochures, technical specifications, and other general product information:

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Fence Repairs of Patterson

For those home or business owners that currently have a fence on their property but are in need of repairs, then surely, you have come to the right place.  Our technicians and installers stand ready to meet your every need and to provide you with all the insight needed with regard to your fencing repairs. When you choose Roots Landscaping, you are choosing one of the most highly visible companies in the marketplace.  We have years of experience, training, and know-how and have performed abundant fence installs throughout Patterson and the surrounding areas that have earned us the reputation of being one of the absolute best in the industry. If you have a fencing problem, we have a fencing solution!

Some of the repairs we can do include:

Rotting Wood

With a variety of problems that can arise over time with your fence, rotting wood seems to be the most common.  This problem arises when fungi eat through the wood and cause it to corrode. When the corrosion is extreme the only effective solution is the replacement of the wood.  However, if the damage is minimal there is a chemical process we can use to resolve the problem along with patching, staining or even painting. Regardless of what your repair procedure may be, our professionals here at Roots Landscaping have always got you covered.

Shifting fence poles are also a pretty common problem.  Though the problem itself is common, the results can vary.  If you do not give attention to shifting poles right away, they are apt to cause extreme damage and collapse to your fence.  In our efforts to provide effective solutions to your fencing problems, whenever shifting poles are the source of your concern, our team highly recommends you attend to the problem as soon as possible.  Do not delay, since doing so can ultimately result in very costly repairs down the road to your Patterson home or business fence.

Holes & Cracks

Holes and cracks are still other problems that frequently occurs with fences.  Whether you have a wood, vinyl, or a chain fence, holes and cracks of all types can still exist.  With that said, we here at Roots Landscaping are equipped to resolve all these fencing issues. Depending upon the material of your fence, however, our repair procedures will vary.  It is important for home or business owners to recognize that the longer cracks and holes are present, the greater the damage can and will be over time. For this reason, we suggest repair of holes and cracks in your fence be performed sooner rather than later.

Missing Boards & Collapsed Sections

Finally, missing boards and planks are an absolute common problem that occurs with many fences. Though this problem presents with a very unattractive look to your property, it also presents with a major concern for costly damages over time.  When planks or boards are missing, the structural state of the fence is violated and chances of a collapse are increased. With that said, if you have any missing boards or planks it is imperative you schedule repair or replacement as soon as possible.  At Roots Landscaping we want to avoid costly repairs for all our clients, which is why we highly suggest you give immediate attention to missing boards and planks. Our installers are committed to providing top-rated repair services that not only resolve the problem but present with an attractive aesthetic appeal for your property. We are steadfast in our efforts to provide the most effective and affordable solutions to your fencing problems each occurrence, every occurrence.

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If you are in the market for a new residential or business fence, or if you are in need of top-rated repair services for your existing fence, then the folks here at Roots Landscaping are the team for you.  We provide top of the line products, fences, and services to all our valued clients and are committed to offering effective solutions to all your fencing issues. We stand ready to serve your every need, answer all your questions and provide you with all the insight and knowledge you need to make a truly informed decision.

Whether you are in the market to purchase a completely new fence or need repairs to an existing residential or commercial fence, then don’t delay.  Simply contact Roots Landscaping today.  Let our dedicated team of professionals assist with your fencing project and make your experience a truly delightful one.  Our company is BBB accredited, and we have enjoyed a successful and highly visible reputation here in the Patterson area, and look forward to providing you with all your fencing needs.

To learn more about our company, our team here in Patterson, our successful fencing projects and to schedule your consultation, contact one of our team members today at 203-702-4408.

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