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Roots Landscaping of Brookfield, CT has seen its fair share of fencing related problems, which is why we believe we can bring our expertise to Putnam County, NY residents as well. We have completed many different projects around the area, and you may have seen one of our fencing projects while taking a drive somewhere. We work to make the customers we take on satisfied with a project completed on time and on budget, no matter what the size of it is.

Our Putnam County, NY Fence Installation & Repair Solutions:

Roots Landscaping will always put its customers first because we uphold ourselves to the standards of the American Fence Association, which we are members of. We want to create a fence that stands up to the test of time with the highest quality possible. 

You’ll need to figure out why you need a fence in the first place in order to narrow down your options for what fence you want. Are you trying to keep people from breaking into your home with a chain link fence? Do you need to keep your chickens in a coop with a chain link? General privacy and safety concerns? No matter where you’re located in Putnam County, we’ll make sure your needs are satisfied in a timely manner and within a reasonable budget. 

Learn about our fencing products through our website or give us a call to find out what we can do for you. We work to provide high quality work that is unmatched by the competing landscaping services Putnam County can use.

New Fence Installation in Putnam County, NY

We have handled the construction of many types of fences on many types of terrain. We want to emphasize how crucial it is you get your fencing equipment installed by a professional, because an improper installation can lead to big problems in the future, which will then need to be repaired by us. We will figure out what type of fence material is right for you, then work to measure your area, look at the terrain for any issues and install your fence in the correct way. The cost of the fence depends on what type of fence you want, the material it is and the length of the fence.

Illusions Vinyl Fence, Grand Illusions Color Spectrum Color Vinyl Fence Products, Grand Illusions Vinyl WoodBond Woodgrain Vinyl Fence Products, Illusions Vinyl Railing System, Eastern Ornamental Aluminum Fence Products, Eastern White Cedar Brand Wood Fence Products, and System21 Chain Link Fence Products.

Please Check Out the Product Websites for Photos, Brochures, Tech Specs, and General Product Information:

Illusions Vinyl FenceIllusions Vinyl Railing SystemEastern Wood FenceSystem21 Color Chain Link Fence

Fence Repairs of Putnam County, NY

Roots Landscaping will be able to restore your old fence to its original quality, because our team has years of training and experience to figure out how to get the job done in a fast, well-done way.

Some of the repairs we can do include:

Rotting Wood

We face this issue quite a lot, because rotting wood is one of the most common problems for fence owners. Fungi eat the wood which can often make it rot and eventually decompose, so fixing the wood takes a bit of work. Chemical treatments, patchings, repaintings and staining are all used in various ways to retouch your wood and get it back to the quality it had when it was installed. If you are facing rotting wood issues on your Putnam County property’s fence, we will work to get it fixed up as fast as possible. 

Fence Poles

Roots Landscaping uses and replaces fence poles often to keep fences from falling down and compromising their overall structure. We work to ensure a fence’s longevity by repairing them with any means necessary. Leaving poles to stay in the ground for years without change will only cause problems as they shift over time. 

If you are interested in any of our fencing services and products, you can visit here to see how we can provide you with the highest quality fence poles around.

Holes & Cracks

Fixing a crack or a hole in your fence will vary depending on what type of fence you have. A vinyl fence may have holes accumulating, a chain fence may crack, or a combination of both happens to a wooden fence, which can be damaging to your fence. By patching up these issues, we will help you prevent further damage in the future to the material so your fence can last longer.

Missing Boards & Collapsed Sections

A missing board must be fixed as soon as possible if you have any. Although it is a very common type of fence problem, it is one that can develop into a catastrophe if not handled in time. If you keep your fence missing a board for too long, it will compromise the structural integrity of the fence itself, which will cost even more money than if you had fixed the missing board or collapsed section in the first place. If your Putnam County fence is going through this type of problem, you should get it fixed as soon as possible, and Roots Landscaping can handle it in a timely, responsible manner.

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Roots Landscaping your go-to fence contractor in Putnam County, NY proudly produce top-rated fences and repair jobs for Putnam County, NY residents and businesses. Through our Brookfield, CT office, we have serviced countless people who needed help installing, repairing and outright replacing fences that they have needed. Along with providing great fencing work, we also offer expert masonry and landscaping services for our valued customers.  If you want to know more about what our company is like and what it can do for you, you can give us a call at 203-702-4408 or use our website to contact Roots Landscaping today. We look forward to helping your property feel safer and more secure than ever before.

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