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Choose from a variety of fence styles, like wood, wrought iron, chain link, vinyl, and steel.

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Professional and affordable pricing for brick patios, stone walls, fireplaces, etc.


Landscaping design, regular upkeep, and long-term Commercial & Residential property maintenance.




A professionally installed fence will increase your property’s value and curb appeal. I will also create a sense of privacy and seclusion for you, your family, or your tenants. Roots Landscaping offers top-quality professional fencing services for residential or commercial properties in Greater Danbury, Connecticut areas. What separates us from the competition is our years of experience and our focus on providing excellent service to our clients.

Roots Landscaping has top-quality fencing materials available for your fencing projects, from wood, wrought iron, chain link, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. Whether you’re looking for a fencing contractor to repair or install a small residential picket fence for your pool, a security fence to keep your pets safe, a deer-proof fence, a gated privacy fence to enclose your entire compound, or to secure your business with our wide-range of commercial fencing service, the best fence company in CT has all the resources to get your fencing installation done for you!


New Fence Installation

A professionally installed fence will increase your property’s value and curb appeal. I will also create a sense of privacy and seclusion for Depending on your property’s landscape, fence installation can be straightforward or challenging. Roots Landscaping knows the methods and tools for installing all types of fences. We will measure the land and look for any obstacles. We are also prepared and properly equipped for above ground or underground concerns. Proper fence installation ensures its stability and longer lifespan. Entrust your fencing projects to us, and we’ll get your fence firmly planted in the ground!

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Pet Fencing

We know how important your fur babies are to you. Our goal is to build fences for your family so that your pets are safe from harm or escape. We’ll help you design, build, and take care of your fence to look great and keep your pet safe. Our team knows how important it is for you to keep your pet at home, so we assure fair prices and high-quality fencing services. We also have many different options for pet fencing to meet your needs.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing on your Connecticut property has several benefits. It adds beauty to your property and defines your property lines, much like curtains do for your windows. They protect gardens from weather and animals. They’re perfect for wandering youngsters or pets. Privacy fences can lessen noise from a busy road or noisy neighbors. If you’re worried about the noise in your backyard, they can bring peace of mind.

Deer Fencing

Deer fences are the best way to keep deer from coming onto your property in Greater Danbury, Connecticut areas. You’ll keep your garden and property safe, and Lyme disease-carrying deer ticks won’t be able to hurt you. There are many factors to consider when choosing a deer fence. That’s why our skilled professionals at Roots Landscaping are here to help you select an affordable and effective deer fence for your Connecticut property.

Pool Fencing

State law in CT says that your pool must have a fence or a barrier. Without a fence around the pool, it’s easy for someone to get hurt. Children might access the area when they aren’t supposed to. Pool fencing can make your pool and the area around it safer by keeping intruders and animals from getting in. A well-made and installed pool fence can not only protect your pool, but also add visual appeal.


High-Quality Materials For your Fences in Connecticut



Fence Repairs

Roots Landscaping is your #1 local fence contractor in Greater Danbury, Connecticut areas. We offer free estimates for fence repairs, no matter how minor the damage is or how large it is. It’s our job to help you assess if your fence needs to be fixed or replaced. We repair rails, posts, and fence foundations. Get in touch with us today to reclaim the harmony in your home’s decor!

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Some of the repairs we can do include:

Rotting Wood

Roots Landscaping is equipped to treat wood rot, restore the patches, and replace any other wood boards. In addition to using a chemical treatment to seal and protect the wood, we can also stain or paint it to further prevent decay.

Pole Replacements

Instead of repairing an entire fence, changing a few posts may increase its longevity. Roots Landscaping will ensure the pole is replaced correctly by measuring it and evaluating the ground.


Holes & Cracks

Fences tend to develop holes and cracks because of several causes. Holes and cracks in the wood, vinyl, chain and aluminum fences require specialized attention. Roots Landscaping in Greater Danbury, Connecticut areas has fence replacement and repair experts for these concerns.

Missing Boards & Collapsed Sections

Roots Landscaping can fix missing boards and collapsed sections. The repair technique varies by fence type, board length, and height. Roots Landscaping will explain the procedure and restore your fence professionally.



We proudly deliver our top-quality and affordable service for all your masonry needs in CT. Roots Landscaping provides chimneys, fire pit repair, building patio space, stone steps, brick walls, fireplaces, driveways, walkways and more. Whatever your brick or stone-related project may have in mind, be it masonry repair or restoration for your residential or commercial property. Your number one mason company in CT is ready to help!

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Your Connecticut’s Top Rated Mason

Roots Landscaping is always the best-rated landscaping company on Google Reviews, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc. As a Connecticut-based company, we endeavor to give our customers the best value for their money. We always appreciate your business, and we’ll work tirelessly on every project to ensure that it becomes a beautiful reality for you.

Stone Walls, Brick Patios, Fireplaces, Retaining Walls

We have been offering high-quality masonry services to customers since 2000. It’s our goal to create designs that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs, and we do so by taking the time to get to know our clients. When it comes to creating a patio, stone steps, brick wall, retaining wall and more in Greater Danbury, Connecticut areas, Roots Landscaping is the company to call.

Hundreds of stone and brick options are available to customize your home. If you have a specific stone in mind, just let us know, and we’ll go out of our way to find it. As always, we’ll work closely with you to find the perfect stone for your home.

Masonry Restoration & Repair in Greater Danbury, CT Areas.

Stonework and brickwork can lose their strength over time. The ground underneath constantly shifts, causing damage to the masonry work. Rain can slowly pull away the mortar between the stones, causing walls to crumble and fall. If these minor problems aren’t resolved immediately, they can grow into major concerns. Roots Landscaping can help homeowners and businesses in Connecticut with masonry restoration and repair. Call us, and we’ll take a look at the problems with your stonework and tell you precisely what you need to do.

Greater Danbury, CT areas Commercial Masonry Services

Roots Landscaping helps Connecticut homeowners with their masonry work in a professional way. But we also work with corporate and commercial companies to construct new masonry installations and repair any damaged surfaces. Whether you have brick or stone projects, we are the perfect masonry solution for your Connecticut business.



Roots Landscaping commits to providing high-quality landscaping services in Greater Danbury, Connecticut areas.  We offer custom commercial or residential landscape design and installation, mulching and flower beds, hardscape services, and regular upkeep such as pruning, lawn mowing, storm, & snow removal , spring, or fall cleanups. Our staff of professional landscapers and horticulturalists can help you with anything you desire.

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Landscaping Services Offered

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Maintaining a lush green lawn requires regular lawn maintenance. Roots Landscaping provides mowing, weed control, and debris cleanup services to keep your lawn looking its best. We can also design a timetable that works best for you and your property by utilizing Roots Landscaping’s weekly and biweekly mowing schedule options. Our skilled landscapers will take care of your Fairfield County, Connecticut areas property’s flower beds, trees, and bushes and get everything ready for the spring and fall!

Mulching & Flower Beds

Mulching & Flower Beds

Mulching protects plants by acting as a barrier, keeping moisture, sunshine, and nutrients in the soil necessary for your flower bed health. Selecting the proper mulch is also critical; options range from dark to light and are natural and organic. Roots Landscaping is here to help you get the most out of your mulched plants, so you may enjoy them for a long time.


Tree, Shrub Planting & Pruning

Roots Landscaping offers tree and shrub installation and maintenance services for residents and businesses in Greater Danbury, CT areas. We help you maintain and enhance the visual attractiveness of your property. In addition to nurturing plants, and boosting their development, properly planting trees and shrubs and trimming them frequently has many additional advantages. This produces a healthy and safe atmosphere for the plants to thrive in.


Spring, Fall & Storm Cleanups

We always think about getting ready for the next season and being ready to clean up after storms. Before winter comes, it’s important to take good care of your landscape, like covering the plants, raking the leaves, and getting any annuals ready for the cold weather. Roots Landscaping will come to your Connecticut home in the spring to clean up after the winter and get your property ready for the summer. This includes planting and taking care of a new lawn and getting flower beds ready.

Custom Landscape Design

Our professional landscape design in Connecticut will make your property look better and make it worth more. Roots Landscaping professionals will work with you directly to put your ideas on paper. They will also continue to work on the design and keep you updated as they go. Our professionals are trained hard workers, and they know a lot about various plants, including perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees. We know what you need to plant to make sure your property grows and looks its best.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping in Greater Danbury, CT areas

Commercial landscaping is about offering high-quality services and creating long-term business partnerships with our clients in the Greater Danbury, Connecticut area. We assist with the upkeep and improvement of a wide range of complexes in the Greater Danbury, Connecticut area, including corporate campuses, office parks, retail establishments, industrial parks, multifamily housing developments, and more. Let Roots work with your Connecticut business to manage and enhance your outdoor amenities long-term.


Roots Landscaping, Greater Danbury, CT areas

Roots Landscaping is a family-owned and operated contractor offering landscaping, fencing, and masonry services in the towns of Bethel, Danbury, Ridgefield, Redding, Brookfield, Newtown, Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York.

Roots Landscaping is a company that satisfies all of the criteria for accreditation and provides outstanding landscaping services. Since our founding, we have taken great pleasure in the attention to detail, care, and additional precautions we take to ensure that your property’s landscape is exceptional to the norm. Having over 17 years of experience in this field, we provide top-of-the-line grounds maintenance, fence installation, masonry work, and light excavation. Aside from landscaping services, we also offer design services—thoroughly working with you to develop a concept for your project.

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