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When you think about sitting by the fire, you might be thinking about something outdoors. On those cold days when you just want to stay inside, a fireplace is a quick and easy addition that will keep loved ones, co-workers, and clients warm but that will also add an aesthetic flair to whichever type of environment you place it in. Veneering a fireplace is very common. By adding the stone of your choice around it, that will create either a classic or modern-looking structure that can act as a focal point for any room.

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Our Mission at Roots Landscaping is to provide high-quality services while also maintaining long term relationships with all of our clients. No matter how big or small your project is, our licensed and certified team is here to help in the best way we can in the Danbury, CT area! We can guarantee time efficient and cost-effective fireplace and fireplace veneering installations.


Fireplaces fall into four broad categories that you should consider before choosing the right one for your home or business:

  • Wood Burning
  • Gas Burning
  • Ethanol Burning
  • Electric

Having a fireplace can actually help you combat high heating costs. Wanting to install a fireplace but do not have chimney construction? You actually do not need a chimney construction to install a fireplace! If you want more control over what type of heat and how much heat is being used in your home, almost all newer fireplace installations allow you to do so.

Fireplace Veneering

There are two main types of stone veneers to choose from:

A Manufactured Stone Veneer:

Also known as “cultured” stone, is the much more affordable veneer option for your fireplace. This is because of its lightweight and this weight also allows for quicker and easier installation. The con to such an affordable option is that the look of this style is very simple and basic. 

A Natural Stone Veneer:

If you are looking for a stunning and unique design for your fireplace, natural stone is the way to go. Each stone has its own variation and in the end, makes your fireplace a work of art. Having a more complex design, however, means that it will cost you more. 

*There are also options to incorporate the other type of stone in your fireplace even after you already used the other for the veneer.

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