Tree Removal in Greater Danbury, CT

Roots Landscaping has served the Greater Danbury area for almost 20 years. When you work with Roots Landscaping you are working with a masonry company that has almost two decades worth of expertise and experience.

Why Remove a Tree?

Trees are a great source of shade, and can be a great addition to your Connecticut property. However over time they can become a liability to your property. The following are reasons you may decide to remove a tree:

Dead Trees

Trees, like all plants, won’t live forever, and as a tree dies it becomes weaker. Over time a dead tree won’t be strong enough to withstand strong winds or the added weight gained from snow and ice. Be sure to remove a dead tree before it falls over and damages you or your neighbors’ property.

Tree Encroachment

Trees grow over time, and whether it be their roots or their branches may damage your property. Their roots can eventually damage your property’s foundation, and their branches may grow out and disturb power lines.

Tree Damage

Accidents happen, and whether an object collides with a tree on your Connecticut property or if that tree gets hit by a lightning strike, your tree may lose its integrity. It is important to have a damaged tree inspected to make sure it is still strong enough to stay standing. If there is severe damage to the tree your best course of action may be to remove the tree.

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